Wendy van Dodewaard
Beeldend kunstenaar

About me

My name is Wendy van Dodewaard married to Thomas and mother of Elyana and Aeyden. I enjoy our family very much, going out on bicycles together, discovering Creation. But also of creativity, rest and relaxation. I really enjoy the silence in nature.
Although I was always drawing and crafting from a young girl and it was my dream to become an artist, I never completed an education in this later on. Usually when people ask me where I learned it, I say it was the Holy Spirit who taught me everything. And actually it is. Still.

About me


The Source of my inspiration is the Holy Spirit. It is He who guides me through the painting process, gives the images and ideas. It gives such freedom to paint from God's infinite creativity. Usually I paint from an image that God gives me to paint. But it certainly often happens that during painting it is supplemented with more depth and that it is followed step by step.


In 2020 God called me to start a business and start painting. He has called me to paint, given me the talent and gifts to carry out my calling. To evoke, encourage and strengthen people. That people will see Jesus through the paintings, that God will be exalted by what I make. That the Truth is spoken in creativity, and creativity will be used for what God intended.


My desire is to speak God's words, through word and image. That whoever listens to His words will see the Truth. And that Truth will set them free. I believe the Holy Spirit speaks through the paintings and where the Spirit is there is freedom!