Wendy van Dodewaard
Beeldend kunstenaar

Painting with and for God

God speaks through creativity!

God speaks, through His Word; the Bible. But also to and through people, for example with words or through images, also through paintings.

What the Holy Spirit speaks to you through a painting can be very personal. God is innovative and He knows how to touch each person exactly where it is needed.

My passion is living for Jesus, following Him and I honor Him by using the creative talent I received to shape words and images into a tangible image.

I pray your blessing!

Revival in living room


The paintings I paint are inspired by the Holy Spirit. They can't be placed in a style, actually I don't want that either. Creativity means freedom to me. And preferably place as few frames as possible around it.

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And the meaning of a painting?
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Words in an image

Many of the paintings I paint I receive as images. The paintings are images that speak, I believe that God can speak to several people differently through an image. I write down the words I receive and post them in my blog. Do you also have other words for the painting? There is also room for comment, feel free!

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Are you interested in such a beautiful painting? But rather not an original painting? Then order a print on canvas. You can hang this on the wall, a frame is not necessary, but you can of course. The advantage is that the price is a lot lower, and you can order a smaller size if necessary!

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"Serving the One Who is, Who was and Who is to come.
The Creator of all, Who gave me the gift to create."


Mission & Vision

In 2020 God called me to start a business and start painting. He has my professions to paint, me the talent and gift to carry out my calling. To encourage and support those who call out. That people will see Jesus through the paintings, that God will become God through what I make. That the Truth is spoken in creativity, and creativity will be used for what God intended.

My desire is to speak God's words, through word and image. That whoever listens to His words will see the Truth. And that Truth will set them free. I believe the Holy Spirit speaks through the paintings and where the Spirit is there is life and freedom!


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